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Chainwalking™ decodes blockchain data for better analytics
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The Challenge
Blockchain data requires analytics to understand network activity. Every network is unique which makes them hard to compare.
Our Solution
Chainwalking™ transforms blockchain data into a universal data model that powers Flipside’s Business Intelligence, enabling projects to better understand their networks and benchmark performance against others.
How It Works
1. Extract
Developing a Schema & Building a Parser
First we characterize a blockchain’s schema, which can be thought of as an outline of all the key definitions needed to extract data from a particular blockchain. We then build a parser based on the agreed upon schema. A parser is a small amount of code that transforms the contents of each block into the predefined format of the schema.
Walking the Chain
Flipside runs the parser in our infrastructure which automatically extracts the blockchain’s data, ‘walking’ through the chain one block at a time until it reaches its maximum height. The height will increase as new blocks are added to the chain, which means we are continuously extracting new data and ingesting it in our warehouse.
2. Transform
Standardizing via a Universal Data Model
Since there is no standard for how blockchain data is structured, the raw data from one blockchain might look completely different from the raw data from another. Using our Universal Data Model (UDM), our data engineering team transforms all of the data into a standard format. The UDM we’ve designed is incredibly flexible, can be applied to any chain, and means our models will work with minimal adjustments and validation.
3. Analyze
Gleaning Insights
Our Data Science team analyzes the resulting data to show who holds supply, and what those key stakeholders are doing on-chain. This labeled representation can then be sliced to access relevant insights, for instance to show: who users are; who holds how much; what users are doing; which users come back; and when key events occur.
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