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💰 Active Bounty


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💰 Active Bounty

Bounties provide incentive and direction, so crypto projects can quickly source the data insights they need in order to grow. 

Crypto Bounties for Data Analytics 

Native Token Recycling 🤯

Native tokens allocated for our bounty programs go back into the ecosystem - making bounties a direct investment towards attracting new users and increasing liquidity.

55% of COMP rewards remained in the ecosystem
22% of addresses had never interacted with Compound before receiving a bounty


SQL for All Levels

Instead of writing 300 lines of SQL - just write 2. Query any state, at any point in time using our contract reads.


Shareable Outputs

Use our visualization tools to easily share what you create.


API Access

Export to CSV or utilize auto-generated API endpoints to use the data anywhere you’d like.

It’s never been this easy to get answers.

Refer a friend!

Earn crypto for helping us grow our community of data analysts. 

Let’s work together on a grants proposal for your DAO to vote on!

Looking to kickstart analytics for your community?

Want to see the full CEA Library?